Yetkin Yildirim, Ph.D., PE

President & CTO, Terra Pave International

Dr. Yetkin Yildirim is the President and Chief Technical Officer, Terra Pave International and is registered by the State of Texas as a professional engineer. Dr. Yildirim was one of the main researcher developing Superpave and he was the program manager for the Superpave Research Center. He developed Superpave training courses and conducted significant amount of research in this area. In 2008 he invented polymers for road construction. Because of his innovations he was selected as one of the most important environmental innovation at the university of Texas at Austin in 2013 and nominated for Tyler Environmental Award which is the top award in environmental achievement in the USA. Dr. Yildirim’s areas of expertise include pavement preservation, pavement maintenance, and pavement materials.

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