Elvie Schooley, LMSW

Founder and Executive Director of DRUM the Program a 501(c)3

nonprofit organization serving Central Alabama.

DRUM the Program was founded by Elvie to combat a lack of education and identity development for youth of color in Alabama, where she grew up. Our mission is to provide an experience of West African drum and dance along with visual arts projects to develop social emotional skill sets within youth. The objective of drum and dance lessons coupled with artistic and written self-expression prime students to develop grit, practice self-management, and to join a communal sense of belonging. Many youth of color must struggle against negative social stereotypes that limit how they are seen and engaged. So we developed a framework for teaching goal setting, and clear communication skills. We deliver a supportive community space for learning, art expression and using the tools for clear communication. Youth of color are prepared for the future with a skill set to achieve goals, communicate openly and to create a vision for themselves in a society that is balanced and just. Elvie also facilitates a supportive group networking for growth with professional women of color as they learn lifestyle tools for addressing their mental, emotional, and spiritual trauma caused by negative social stereotypes. Elvie is available for guest speaking and instructor/facilitation of growth workshops with youth and women. DRUM the Program will be hosting a spring 2021 Outdoor Afterschool Program in Orr Park, Montevallo April 19-23. DRUM the Program’s summer 2021 camp will be held June 14-19 at the DRUM the Program Barn in Montevallo, Alabama. The fall 2021 Outdoor Afterschool Program will be October 11-15, at Orr Park in Montevallo, Alabama. Register for spring 2021 Afterschool at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spring-2021-west-african-after-school-community-program-tickets- 137657085047?aff=ebdssbdestsearch  For more information visit: drumtheprogram.org and follow us on all social media platforms.

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