DeBorah Sonnenschein

Lawyer and Realtor – Board Member, Texas Association of Real Estate Brokers

Esq. and Realtor Deboral is Real Estate Boards of ABOR, TAR, NAR, AAREB, AREAA, WAR , Bar associations: RE Bar, American, NBA, Massachusetts, Boston, CA, Christian Legal Society, MCLE Faculty, MA Approved Real Estate Instructor, Boston Public Schools Financial Literacy
Massachusetts, including US District Crt & Bankruptcy Crt, and US Court of Appeals – First Circuit, California, including US District Ct for Central District of CA, United States Supreme Court, Western and Eastern Districts of Texas
Education. Mrs. Sonnenschein has a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from Yale University. She studied Graduate studies in Economics at Princeton University and a J.D. at Northwestern California University

Deboral is Realtor – JP and Associates Realtors, Austin, MA, AAREB Board of Directors. Partner in Sonnenschein Law LLC, practicing in Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Business , Law, Wills and Probate. Realtor and Attorney Presenter for State First Time Home Buyer, Certification Class. Pro bono bankruptcy lawyer at Volunteer Legal Services, Metrowest Legal, Services, NAACP. Developed training for realtors required by MA Licensing Board covering new, federal mortgage loan laws. Trained over 5,000 realtors in new law.

She got a Pro Bono Award – MA Supreme Judicial Court, Past Professional from 1991 – 2003, Owner/operator of McDonald’s restaurants in CT, grew to four restaurants serving over 1 million customers annually, and provided over 1000 first-time jobs and over 100
manager-level careers through outstanding organizational skills. From 1979 – 1991 was AT&T, BellCore, New England Telephone, in MA and NJ. Mid-level manager performing regulatory filings, new product development, marketing, contract management,

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