Join Us At Our 6th Annual African Cultural EXPO & Business Matchmaking Conference

May 25 – 29, 2021

Leading-edge Conference With Innovative
Global Networking Solutions, Focusing on
African countries, Cultures and Business

Ideal Conference for Global Businesses and Government Decision Makers Looking for Potential Business Partners, Investors, Buyers, Distributors and Joint Venture Partners in Africa

The conference focuses in helping Africa businesses and government decision makers find potential business partners, investors, buyers, distributors, and joint venture partners in the United States and in the world. Targeted participating African countries are Gabon, Chad, Nigeria Liberia, Sierra Leone , Ivory Coast, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Niger, Central Africa Republic, etc—

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Who Is Invited To The Conference

We are not planning the 6th Annual U.S.- African Cultural Expo, Business Matchmaking and Awards Conference solely for Africans and the United States. Rather, we see this as an international event that will attract businesses and government leaders from Africa and from many parts of the world. Laying the foundation for successful long-term ventures and take advantage of market opportunities in Africa. During the conference, delegations will have access to all business participants, investors, and government decision makers from participating countries. With this conference, we create an international gatheri…
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Republic of Chad

Country informationIndependent YesCountry codes TD, TCD (ISO 3166-1)Official name Republic of ChadCapital city N’DjamenaContinent AfricaMember of United Nations, African Union, Organisation of Islamic CooperationPopulation 15 692 969 (2019)Total area 1 284 000 km2Highest point Emi Koussi (3 445 m, 11 302 ft)Lowest point Djourab Depression (160 m, 525 ft)GDP per capita $ 728 (World Bank, 2018)Currency Central African CFA franc (Fr, XAF)Calling code +235Internet TLD .td…
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Next Dimensions University

General Education Philosophy Next Dimension University provides a general education for its students. The district seeks to develop the whole person where the individual is greater than the sum of his or her independent educational experiences, a person who will understand the world within and the world without. Next Dimension University’s general education philosophy serves to enhance creativity, reasoning, ethical behavior, and human understanding, which are essential to the attainment of personal goals and effective participation in a rapidly changing society. The district’s general education philosoph…
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Republic of Angola

Country information Independent Yes Country codes AO, AGO (ISO 3166-1) Official name Republic of Angola Capital city Luanda Continent Africa Member of United Nations, African Union, Southern African Development Community, OPEC Population 31 127 674 (2020) Total area 1 246 700 km2 Highest point Mount Moco (2 620 m, 8 596 ft) Lowest point South Atlantic Ocean GDP per capita $ 3 432 (World Bank, 2018) Currency Angolan kwanza (Kz, AOA) Calling code +244 Internet TLD .ao…
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